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Emergency Preparedness Items

Emergency Preparedness

Imagine a world where the ATMs don’t work, the grocery stores are empty and locked, and no amount of cash can purchase food because there isn’t any to buy. Food riots break out before emergency ration supplies even reach your area, and your children are crying and hungry.

Think it will never happen here? Think again. Look back at scenes of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina raged through the city. Natural and man-made disasters are increasing in frequency and duration everywhere on the planet. Threats of viral outbreaks and quarantines, floods, fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks have all occurred recently. Disruptions in the electrical grid or electronic communications can completely shut down life as we know it, leading to civil unrest and food rioting. Predictions of coming food shortages will aggravate an already unstable economy.  At Freeze Dry Guy, we strive to help prepare you for any emergency with the reliability and flavor of Freeze Dried and dehydrated food.

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage

Protecting your family starts with a comprehensive plan to build emergency preparedness food supplies.  A supply of Freeze Dried foods keep you alive in both short-term disasters and long-term survival in a world where recovery could take months or even years. In today’s unpredictable world, having a supply of disaster preparedness food is a prudent plan. Food will not only supply your family’s nutritional needs but may also serve as a bartering currency for necessities you don’t have.  Freeze Dry Guy has emergency preparedness experts ready to build you a FREE, no-obligation customized plan.  Or, if you know what you need, shop now.

Types of Disaster Preparedness Food

Emergency preparedness food is manufactured using methods that optimize storage life. The finest preparedness food produced uses the Freeze Dried method. Developed to meet the demands of the military and NASA, Freeze Dried foods last for a minimum of 25 to beyond 35 years, remaining nutritious and fresh even under harsh conditions. The process used to produce Freeze Dried foods retains excellent flavor and nutrition. This is the ideal way to protect your family in disaster scenarios.

Dehydrated foods are the next best choice for emergency food storage. Using a process that removes almost all the water content of the foods, spoilage is reduced to the absolute minimum. The best quality dehydrated disaster preparedness foods should last 2 decades or more when stored properly, depending on the type of food. Dairy and egg products will need to be rotated, as they have a shorter expiration time. Soups and stews can easily be cooked using dehydrated vegetables and grains, sustaining your family during times of emergency.

Both Freeze Dried and dehydrated preparedness foods are lightweight, easy to store, nutritious, and simple to reconstitute. Uncooked meat products do require additional preparation, but most are manufactured to have minimal or no cooking times, saving both fuel and water that may be in short supply.  Both dehydrated and Freeze Dried food feature full entrees such as as well as essential staples like beef stroganoff or lasagna with meat sauce.

A store bought food supply is the place to start during any emergency. Store bought food isn’t a great choice for emergency planning because perishable foods go bad and even canned food won’t last that long.  A well stocked pantry and refrigerator will get you through the first few days of an emergency but shouldn’t be relied on for much more than that.   Store bought food is a distant third choice for emergency food preparedness simply because it does not provide the long-term security of Freeze Dried or Dehydrated foods.  Using simple store-bought food for emergency preparedness involves stocking up on canned goods, tinned meats, peanut butter, and similar items. Looking at the expiration dates on these “non-perishable” foods proves their unsuitability for long-term storage a need to be rotated often.


Water, Even More Essential Than Food


Emergency preparedness water storage is no more important than emergency food storage, but more urgent. The human body can survive on reduced food rations or go for weeks without food. Water must be available within just a few short days. Don’t risk drinking contaminated water. Be sure to have clean water stored and have a method for producing adequate, drinkable water in place before disaster strikes.  You will need water to drink, cook and wash so make sure that you plan with awareness of the amount of water you will need.


Valuable Seeds for the Future


An often-overlooked essential in emergency preparedness food plans is seeds for a garden
. Be sure to buy only heirloom seeds that can be saved from one harvest to plant again the next season. Popular hybrid seeds may produce bigger, more appealing vegetables, but the seeds do not breed true and are often sterile.  We recommend storing a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs that can be used for both culinary and medicinal purposes.
Creating a Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Food List
Emergency Food List

An emergency preparedness food list is essential
 for determining appropriate amounts and types of food for your family. A plan that provides 2,000 calories per day per person with 20 grams of high-quality protein should be the minimum requirement. Stressful times necessitate adequate nutrition, especially protein. A well thought out list of emergency preparedness foods ensures that nothing will be missed and each person will have the nutrients required to remain healthy. You know your family’s likes and dislikes, special nutritional needs, and preferences, so be sure your food preparedness plans focus on these individual requirements. Also, we recommend other family members with vegetarian or gluten-free diets or those with special nutritional needs. Freeze Dry Guy has a large selection of delicious Freeze Dried products to meet your family’s diverse needs.  Shop now to see our range of emergency preparedness foods and survival supplies.

Adding variety to the list also maximizes the health of your family. Be sure that all the food groups are adequately covered. Freeze Dried or dehydrated fruits serve as delicious treats that also provide a burst of nutrients. Don’t forget culinary spices and herbs that add both nutrition and taste. Variety also helps ease the emotional trauma of living under disaster conditions. Life may be reduced to the bare essentials, food, safe clean water, and shelter and safety. Providing a variety of meals may be the one element of comfort that will keep your family emotionally stable and strong during any disaster.

Don’t Forget the Pets

Emergency Pet Food

Although your pets may eat only store-bought prepared dog and cat foods, the healthiest diet for them consists of quality meats, grains, and vegetables. These are easily provided by incorporating your pets’ needs into your disaster preparedness food storage plans. Something they don’t need is excess salt and seasonings, so remove their portion of the meal before seasonings are added.Be sure to inquire about our fine line of Freeze Dried, real beef, chicken and duck meats for your pets. 866-404-FOOD (3663)


The Time to Act Is Now

Take Action

After the unthinkable happens, you could be at the mercy of others for the very basics of life, food and water. How vastly wiser it is to begin now, making your emergency preparedness food list and carrying out plans for your emergency food supplies. This essential piece of survival planning is too important to neglect.  Freeze Dry Guy can help you build a disaster preparedness plan to make sure you meet your family’s disaster needs.   Contact us here or by phone 866.404.3663 for a FREE consultation with one of our experts.